I finished my 3rd quilt this year last night! I fell in-love with Kate Spain's Grand Canal Jelly Roll! I used the Fons & Porter Belle Prairie quilt pattern to complete this project.

I learned so much while completing this quilt! I am not sure what happened, but I read the pattern wrong and spent quite a bit of time with my seam ripper. Ugh! Must remember to measure twice - cut & sew once! The front of the quilt turned out beautiful - despite all of my corrections!

I just love the soft colors of the Grand Canal palate!

It was so much fun laying the quilt out on an angle & seeing it all come together.

I think this quilt top would make a beautiful table cloth also!

I had so much fun getting creative with the back of the quilt. I designed a layout on my grid paper. I love how all of the colors look together.

I love how all of the colors flow together!

I tried a new method to baste the quilt. For my first few quilts I basted on a a hardwood floor using painters tape to hold all of the layers in place. This time I used pins on carpeting. This was soooooo much easier! My knees are still thanking me!

Pinning the quilt back to the carpet.

All quilt layers stretched and ready to go!

The finished quilt front.

Finished Quilt Back

This quilt makes me want to visit Venice, Italy!

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