What a week of sewing! One step forward and then two steps back. I was making great progress on my daughter's Nyan Cat Quilt, when I ran out of fabric for the backing.

I laid it out on the floor to measure it. Before I got around to measuring, my sweet beagle Maggie decided it was in a perfect place to take a potty break. Grrrrr. (Don't worry, I did not take a picture of her work.) So, after hand-washing the quilt and drying it, I ran out of interest to iron the whole thing again and it is now sitting on a table in exile from from sewing room. I am not sure when I am going to revisit this quilt, but I will update when motivation occurs!

Here's a picture of Sweet Maggie. So cute and so deadly accurate when taking care of her business. Good thing she is so cute!!

I wasn't ready to finish sewing, I just was not interested in dealing with my Nyan Quilt situation. I have small scraps of leftover fabric from this project and I thought it would be fun to paper piece them into a unicorn pillow. This was a blast!

I found a pattern by Robynie Patterns. This Unicorn Quilt Pattern was very easy to use and the directions were excellent! I will definitely try more of her work in the future!

Here are a few pictures of this project:

The back of the finished unicorn.

Finished Front! I am going to make this into a pillow. Love how it all came together!!

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