It has been such a long time since I have posted! I ran into many challenges this past month with sewing. Lots of bumps in the road. Growing pains are hard, but I am grateful for the lessons in the end (now that they are behind me).

First and foremost - I learned that quality matters. I know, I know - everyone says this - BUT I really had to learn it the hard way to be convinced. I used low-end batting along with some big, box, store fabric and paid the price! UGH! After investing so much time in creating this quilt, it was frustrating to deal with the low-quality product consequences.

I do, however, love this quilt. I love the colors, the look and it was fun to create (until it wasn't). I enjoyed the challenge of laying out and planning this project and also gaining confidence in on the fly winging it when things were starting to fall apart.

Also, this month, my sweet puppy - yes Maggie again - pulled my camera off my desk and broke it. Sooooo, I had it in the shop for repairs and FINALLY have it back. Love this sweet dog, but she is a scrapper! Man, for such a little girl, she can sure get into a lot of trouble.

I went through my fabric stash to select the colors. I also sketched out the layout with some fun rainbow markers.

I still need to create a design wall, but for now, the floor of my bedroom is working out.

I had extra fabric, so I created a matching throw pillow. I definitely had more success finishing this pillow up than I did with the quilt.

This quilt is going to be great to snuggle up into on the couch in our basement. It is super soft and made with love.

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