I am starting work on a new collection of pillows. I spent today and yesterday playing with design, color and size. My first pillow is crazy big - 24" x 24"! I used Kate Spain Early Bird fabric collection for this one. I love the soft colors and the beautiful designs. My whole family liked this one and even though my plan is to sell it on Etsy, I may have to keep it for myself.

For my next pillow, I decreased the size of the squares and also the number. For this one, I used the Alex Anderson Mirage fabric collection. The vibrant colors with a modern twist really created a beautiful pillow. This pillow ended up as the smallest of this collection at 17" x 17".

For my final pillow in this creative process, I went even smaller with the squares, but I increased the number of them on the pillow. I used one of my favorite fabric designers for this pillow - Amy Butler Soul Mate fabric collection. The jewel tones in this fabric are gorgeous!

I am looking forward to creating more pillows with different colors and sizes for this collection. Look for this new Farmhouse Pillow Collection on my Etsy Shop in the near future!

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