My dear friend Lisa called me up one day and said that she wanted to commission me to make two twin quilts for her guest bedroom. She had a general idea of how she wanted the quilt to look. I sent her many different color and fabric options. While researching, I realized, that the LIBERTY OF LONDON fabric would be such a great fit with her style and her end quilt goal. Lisa lived in England for five years while here husband finished up his Vet degree. When she saw the fabric, she knew this was the collection she wanted!

I adapted the GOODNIGHT, IRENE QUILT PATTERN to match the look and hang of the finished quilts. Lisa wanted a blue background and after looking at several fabric options, she went with KONA BLUEBERRY FABRIC. I ordered 23 yards of this fabric and I had just enough to finish the quilt with two adorable throw pillows. It was a bit nerve wrecking to order that much fabric all at once!

I started this project this past summer while my son was at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. I loaded up all of my sewing equipment and went to work on these quilts in my hotel room. I thought I would be more productive this week, but I found the workout room, local spa, shopping center, quilt store, room service, Netflix's... Well, maybe finishing these quilts in one week was a bit over ambitious.

I did manage to cut out all of the fabric and piece together half of the squares, so I didn't completely blow-off sewing the entire week.

So many beautiful fabric squares.

Sorting and organizing the pieces to give them the "random" look.

Stacks and stacks of blocks.

I spent lots of time trimming and ironing all of the pieces.

The tower of Liberty!

I carefully labeled and organized all of the blocks before piecing them together. While, this step takes time, it is so worth it in the end. I have used my seam ripper far too often in the past when I haven't properly done this step.

The first quilt top turned out amazing! You can see in the background on the printer the second quilt ready to be stitched together.

I always get a little nervous quilting. I am still learning this skill. I always practice and put together a plan prior to beginning, but after all of the work that went into piecing the quilt together, I just don't want to mess it up during one of the last stages of this process. Fortunately, both quilts came together nicely and it was an absolute relief to square off all of the edges for the binding!

It was so much fun to take the final pictures of this quilt! My son had a friend over and I needed both of them to hold the quilt up for me.

It was such a joy to deliver these quilts to Lisa! She lives in Baltimore, MD, so we made it a girls weekend! Even better, Michigan State University beat the University of Michigan in football. A great end to a fun project!

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