I have been wanting to make a purse for so long! My favorite purses are the messenger bag style. I like having my hands free when I shop and they were great bags when the kids were little. I found this adorable pattern called LUISA CROSSBODY BAG by, SOTAK HANDMADE. I was at first worried about this pattern because it is rated "Advanced" but the instructions were very clear and I am thrilled with how the bag turned out!

There were many parts to this bag. I was not sure how I was going to keep track of them all. The pattern did a great job in explaining what went where and so on, so I never had a problem finding the correct piece for each step.

I did, however, label one section of the bag, which really helped stay organized. And again, the pattern instructed exactly how to do this.

Here's the shoulder strap construction:

The first zipper pocket:

Adding the base:

The outside bucket is finished! Front:


Starting the interior liner & main zipper enclosure:

I am thrilled with how it turned out! I have two friends that I want to make this bag for. One LOVES Charlie Harper and I found some adorable fabric that will work great with this pattern. My other friend is a HUGE Michigan State fan. She definitely needs a Spartan purse for game day!

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