We had some serious snow here in Michigan last week. The kids were off from school for two days while a snow storm took over our town. We had such a mild fall this year, that it felt like we were never going to see winter. While it was snowing outside, I was playing with color and patterns inside.

I had so much fun piecing together a snowflake while using different shades of colors and fabric patterns.

For my first pillow, I started with more traditional decorator colors - whites, creams, grays and yellows. I finished the quilting in a circular pattern. I have always wanted to try-out this quilting shape.

Here's the first pillow top in my sewing machine corner.

I really like how the finished pillow turned out!

Next up, I went with snowy colors. My daughter calls this the Elsa Quilt. Boy, do I hate that name! I guess I just need to let it go. Ha, ha! Yeah - bad joke!

My husband likes this pillow the best.

For my last pillow, I went a little crazy with color and I love it!

Rainbows are my favorite color! I will definitely do this again!

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