Welcome 2018! I am super excited about this year and all of my sewing goals and projects I have in the works! My journey through sewing in 2017 has been a guide towards giving me direction this year. I tried out new techniques, participated in sewing and training beyond my comfort zone. I also just loved playing with fabric, texture and color. Finally, selling on ETSY has been very rewarding. This year, I am going to join the craft fair circuit and begin working with new clients. I am both excited and overwhelmed at this new venture.

One of my first projects this year has been to update my ironing station. I worked with a tiny, annoying ironing station last year and I am done with it! I did tons of research to find a better solution. In the end, I adapted this video from MARTHA STEWART. Here are the materials and steps I took to complete this project:


STEP 1: Cut plywood to the right size for your space. I purchased my plywood from The Home Depot and they cut down this board to the size I needed to fit on my ironing board table.

STEP 2: Staple all of the layers of fabric to the plywood.

  • First Layer: Fleece

  • Second Layer: 2 Layers of Cotton Batting

  • Third Layer: Utility Muslin

STEP 3: Cover the staples with the twill tape.

I could not be more thrilled with this new ironing board! This whole project took about an hour to complete and cost less than $50. The large surface area has made ironing so much easier!

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