Spring is finally here. After a long, gray winter, I am so excited to see leaves on the trees and sunshine in the sky. We stay busy in our home with my daughter's gymnastic's season. Once we hit May, her competitive season (and also ours) is over. My daughter Madeleine has had a great season. With the love and and support from her team-mates and coaches, she has thrived in her training. She finished the year strong and is looking forward to skills, challenges and goals over the next year. I made these adorable first aid bags for her coaches as a "Thank-you!" for all they have done to take care of her.

The pattern is from the book, CRAFTY LITTLE THINGS TO SEW by, Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield. The pattern is by, TESSA MARIE WALKER - "The Sewing Chick." The pattern was very straight-forward and well explained. I added my own finishing details on the inside which took a bit of experimenting to figure out. I am so pleased with how they turned out and can't wait to share them with the coaches!

This bag is for Coach Mitchell. I tried to make it look "manly." It is hard to make a cute little pouch look masculine, but I applied primary colors and stayed away from sparkle and floral.

This pouch is for Coach Rachael. She has two little girls that always have bows in their hair and adorable dresses on. I went with pinks and floral for hers.

This last one is for Coach Jamie. She has a classic style and so I stayed true to the colors from the pattern pictures.

Here's a picture of Madeleine competing on floor at her state meet. Her routine is to Kashmir by, Led Zeppelin. She rocked this routine and finished first on floor - as well as - first on bars and all-around. A great ending to an exciting season!

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