HELLO 2019!

Long time no blog! I had a busy fall and holiday season and blogging took a backseat to everything else going on. I really enjoyed the holiday craft season. I had a great time trying new patterns, making new projects and meeting wonderful new clients. I am planning my Fall 2019 season even as I write.

This was my booth at my last art fair in December 2018.

With the new year, I want to to grow in sewing and take on new challenges. I will continue selling on Etsy and at Art Fairs. I will sell similar items as last year, but I would like to add more patterns and sewing kits to my product line. I meet many quilters and I think it would be fun to have projects available at my events and online for them.

For my business, I need to get my inventory back up. The great news is I sold most of what I made in 2018! Now, I need to get Etsy filled and start prepping for the spring season. Look for more bags, home décor and new patterns in the coming weeks and months.

To help me get started with a plan, I pulled out a calendar to layout my year for sewing, training, marketing and blogging. I have the next six months well-planned. I left openings for new ideas and challenges that will pop-up in the future. Now, I just need to follow it.

Personally, my quilting and home sewing projects have taken a backseat to prepping for selling. I have sewn three quilts over the last month. I will post pictures soon. This month I am going to try-out a longarm quilting service for the first time. I have always done my own quilting, so I am looking forward to this new option.

This is the POSTCARDS FROM SWEDEN quilt top I made for my husband for Christmas.

I also would like to start – and finish – my living room valances. I have had a beautiful roll of fabric hanging from the curtain rods for about six months. It’s about time to get going on this.

Finally, I would like to make a parson’s chair cover for my office chair. I bought the SAVERNAKE ROAD FABRIC COLLECTION by Monika Forsberg in Anna Maria Horner’s Conservatory line in September. This fabric is stunning, but also collecting dust on my shelf. I am excited to get my hands on this and start creating.

I am looking forward my 2019 sewing journey. I hope you can join me in this adventure!

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