One of my most popular shop items is the SEW TOGETHER BAG. This pattern is by SEW DEMENTED. They are just perfect for carrying just about anything you would like to have sorted and organized. There is a main zipper that opens up to four open compartments and three small zipper pockets. I use mine for travel sewing. I have had clients use this for make-up, office supplies, crafts, small knitting projects and travel storage.

One of my favorite things about this bag, is how many different color combinations and fabric choices are possible. Pulling fabric and creating a plan for each bag is quite a joyful experience.

When I sew for shop sales, I go with an assembly-line strategy. I select all the colors at the same time. Then I cut, iron and prepare the zippers at once. When I go to sew, I create 3 to 4 bags at once. This really helps keep the quality high and speed up the process.

I took these pictures by the window in my husband's office. I am trying to photograph my work in natural light as much as possible. Because it's winter in Michigan right now, it's not always easy to catch a sunny day.

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