I am in full art fair inventory work mode. There are so many adorable zipper pulls in the market right now and wanted to see if I could make some fun ones for my bags. I went REALLY overboard with color and options, but I just love how they all turned out!!

I just love color, so I had to make a zipper pull in just about every color combination possible.

To keep the tassel or charm attached securely, I used a small jump ring - which is just a cuter version of a key chain connector - to attach the claw clasp and tassel or charm to each other.

I found these adorable Michigan charms and made a ridiculous amount of zipper pulls out of them.

This fantastic retail display is perfect for displaying the charms. It is available from ROBINSON MERCHANDISING.

These beauties will be on my bags and also available for purchase at the East Lansing Art Festival on May 18th & 19th. Hope to see you there!!



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