Using packaged binding in sewing projects is a fast way to create a clean and polished look. I use packaged binding for bags, pouches, curtains and quilts. I even use packaged binding along the edge of table clothes and napkins. Packaged binding also saves a tremendous amount of time and eliminates extra cutting, sewing and pressing. This tutorial will show you a simple and fast way to attach binding with your sewing machine.


There are many different types, sizes and folding options in packaged binding. For this tutorial, I am using WRIGHTS 1/2" BIAS TAPE, EXTRA WIDE, DOUBLE FOLD.

Please Note: I used contrasting thread in these examples so you can easily see the work. For my projects, I use thread that coordinates with the binding color to hide the stitches.

Begin attaching binding in the center of one of the long edges of the exterior fabric. Open binding and slide edge of fabric into center of binding. Leave 5 inches of binding unattached before beginning sewing. Use binder clips to hold binding in place along long edge of fabric.

Sew along the edge towards the center of the fabric with a 1/8” seam allowance. Make sure you catch the binding on the inside of interior of fabric. Stop sewing 1/4” from first corner. Back-stitch at beginning and end of seam.

The next step is to create mitered corners. Open binding and wrap over next side. Bring corner to a point.

Bring fabric down into a 90° angle on both sides of the corner. Pin to hold in place.

Start sewing at the point of the corner. Back-stitch at beginning and end of the seam. Repeat this process for all remaining corners.

There are many ways to finish binding. This example is a simple, easy finish. Stop sewing the binding 3” to 4” from start of attached binding.

Trim binding so that both sides overlap each other in the unfinished space, and are no longer than the attached binding.

Fold over one binding strip by 1/2” to create a finished edge. Press to recapture new finished edge and also re-press all of the creases to form binding back into its original shape.

Tuck unfinished edge into the crease of pressed and finished binding. Pin into place.

To finish attaching the binding, back-stitch at beginning and end of the seam.

I have a Travel Jewelry Organizer Pouch PDF Pattern on Etsy. This fun pattern is perfect for storing jewelry when you travel and it uses this binding technique.

Here's the link to this pattern: TRAVEL JEWELRY ORGANIZER POUCH PATTERN

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