I have been doing quite a bit of sewing for my business lately. My personal work-in-progress pile has been growing and growing. This past weekend, I decided to tackle the pile and see if I could make a dent in it.

I bought this dress in Ireland. I wore and loved it to death. There are stains everywhere. As much as I tried, they would not come out. I was not ready to get rid of this dress. I just love the embroidered flowers and soft colors, as well as, all of the fun memories I have from the events I wore it to.

I really enjoy Jeni Baker's IN COLOR ORDER BLOG. She does a lot of thrifting and is very creative with her finds. Her WORKSHOP TOTE PATTERN seemed like a perfect fit with what I was trying to accomplish. It is a well written pattern and very easy to follow. I thought this would be a nice way to continue to enjoy the dress fabric. I had to adjust the measurements down slightly as the pattern fabric requirements were greater than the material available from the dress.

The bag turned out just beautiful! I am so glad that I took a little extra time to create this piece from a dress that was so meaningful to me.

This bag is the perfect size to carry sewing projects, my laptop or even clothing for an over-night. I could not be more happy with this project!

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