So, how are you? What have you been up to? Anything new?

Man, where do we even begin...

As with EVERYONE - life has certainly changed. I have been sewing like crazy over the last few months. Mostly face masks, but other projects too. I have donated over 100 masks to local groups. I sent 50 masks to my community post office and continue to give-out masks to our homeless population. I have also sewn masks for friends in my hometown and throughout the U.S.

Finding the "perfect" mask pattern has become an obsession. Fit, comfort and style (of course) have led me to some great patterns that I have used outright and also adapted. Here are my Top 3 Patterns:

#3 Basic Pleated Face Mask using a Jig (Free Pattern):

#2 Structured Face Mask (Free Pattern):

#1 Face Mask Pattern (Pay for Pattern):

I have also adapted these patterns to insert a wire nose piece to create a more secure fit. Here is the link to where you can purchase these inserts:

When not sewing masks, I joined the Alison Glass & Giucy Giuce Mini Series Sew-a-long. This was such a fun event! I took a sewing glass from Giucy Giuce a few years ago and just loved it! I created a table runner for my finished project.

In our community, we had a social-distance Shamrock Walk for St. Patrick's Day. We hung shamrocks in our window so that school children could walk our neighborhoods and count how many shamrocks they saw. It was a really fun event. Here is the scrappy shamrock mini quilt I made to hang in the window.

So much has changed. For me and for everyone else. This is new territory. In April, it felt like our world came to a halt all of a sudden. And also so. very. slowly.

I have been touched by this virus. A dear friend contracted this disease, fought for his life in the ICU - alone - and now is home with his family. I have felt helpless as to what to do - stay at home, don't get sick. That just didn't seem like enough. I went through a period of obsessive sewing. Gotta make masks. Can't stop. Make more masks.

The kid's school year ended abruptly. My son graduated from high school and turned 18 all while at home - no prom, no senior skip day, no graduation ceremony, no walking through the hallways one last time. With all the suffering around us, this should not feel like a loss, but it is. What I imagined this year to be is so different.

Our family, like everyone else, has had highs and lows through the continuing pandemic. We have felt deep loss and also great joy. We have had great talks, powerful discussions, arguments, anger, joy, silliness and happiness. One thing that has brought me comfort is sewing. Creating space and time to sew for myself, for my community or just for fun has been a source of happiness.

We will get through this.

I wish you peace and health.



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