After the not-so-much-fun "Craft" Show in November (see previous post for details), I made the decision to ask for help from friends for my last show of the year. I was over-whelmed by the response, the love and the support of my girlfriends. Sharing my business with people I care about and spending time together was such a treat! Everyone had a fun time and the two-day show flew by.

As a "thank you" for helping me out, I made large tote bag gifts. I have been wanting to design a pattern to create a simple, unstructured bag that is both beautifully made, but also really practical. I played with the shape and design until I found one that I liked best.

This tote is fully lined and has a belted handle. It is unstructured, so it can easily fold-up and be stored. Also, there is no interfacing, so washing it up will be a breeze. I used a heavier-weight fabric on the exterior and quilting cotton for the liner. It is super easy to make and a perfect shopping bag size.

I used all my special fabrics. Some came from Sweden, others from a local fabric shop and I filled in with prints from designers I personally like. The polka-dot bag above is from a local East Lansing fabric shop that just opened called Seams. I really like using her fabric. The owner curates high quality goods and I am always for supporting women in business!

These bags are made from fabric that I brought home from Sweden. I have used the fabric in other projects and had enough left-over to make up totes. The print designer is Stig Lindberg. He was a post WWII ceramic, glass & textile designer, and illustrator from Sweden.

Here are a few bags in pretty prints I that I just love.

After the previous show, I was really ready to throw in the towel. It was definitely a, "Never make a decision when you are angry" moment. Having my "Show Squad" really made a difference. Their support was such a gift. I have a lot to think about as I move forward in my business. I plan on spending the next few weeks taking a good, hard look at what is working and what is not. I am really excited for 2020!



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